Victorinox Angler (World Globe logo)

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

I got myself a little treat yesterday – a Victorinox Angler sporting the world globe logo instead of the Swiss cross. This is the original configuration of the Angler. And yes, the tip is broken.

From what a fellow collector deduced, it is a 1991-1992 Angler (original configuration). It has scissors with screw and has a groove in the handle.

Victorinox Angler (World Globe logo)

Is this rare or extra special? The globe logo is special. It was specially made for Muslim countries where a cross symbol is prohibited.


Victorinox Angler is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife with four tool layers, featuring a fish scaler and a corkscrew on the backspring. It comes in standard red Cellidor scales that are adorned with a metal inlay of a fish.
The current version contains the pliers, however the original version had scissors.

Victorinox Angler (World Globe logo)

The five-layer Deluxe Angler, also known as the Waterman, adds the scissors and hook to the Angler and was an older model, also sporting the fish inlay. The Angler Plus adds a wood saw to the Angler and was a less common model. A much older five-layer variant also exists, adding the metal-file/saw to the original scissors-based toolset.
These models/variants are no longer available.


The original Fisherman  model was available with a corkscrew or a back-side Phillips. The corkscrew variation later became known as the Angler  (featuring scissors), in the early 1970s.

This original Angler configuration was still in place in the early 1990s, several years after the introduction of the pliers with the SwissChamp in 1986. In the 1992-1994 time frame, Victorinox also made a version of the Angler called the Angler with Pliers. This knife included the pliers, as well as the scissors, implying that when this tool was made, the ‘scissors‘ Angler configuration was still in production and the pliers were the add-on tool. This dual configuration is now usually known as the Deluxe Angler or Angler with Scissors.

The modern Angler configuration/naming with pliers as standard was introduced later, and this four-layer model is the only one currently (2020) available.

Victorinox Climber RT (Road Tour Series)

Climber RT

My newly acquired companion for life on the road. I bought this from an online seller at a modest price.

The scales feel a bit sticky so I cleaned it in warm water and dishwashing liquid. I also oiled it a bit after. To maintain the integrity of the scales, I dampen it with a little oil. Now it feels a bit smooth but still rubbery to the touch.


In 2010, Victorinox organized a road tour and released the corresponding Road Tour (RT) series, also known as ‘On the Road’.

Climber RT

The series consists of two Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) and one multitool. All of these have the special ‘Your Companion for Life on the Road‘ logo etched on the main blade and were sold in special Road Tour box packaging.


Climber RT

Climber RT – A climber with black soft touch scales (the first and the only Victorinox Swiss Army knife model with soft touch scales!) and a mini-screwdriver (Eyeglass/Jewelers screwdriver).

Master RT – A variation based on a Soldier 2008 model with metal saw/file instead of wood saw and grey/black dual density scales.

Spirit RT – A Spirit X with black anodized handles, black leather case.

My first indirect exposure to Swiss Army Knives…

The Story

Picked this up in a conference somewhere in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Someone probably dropped it. Looks like it came from a local cigarette advertisement (i.e. Lucky Strike).

Anyway, i love its wooden scales. The tools have a bit of play but it works. Been using it since I found it in 2014-2015. Basically use it in opening boxes and packages.

P.S. My first post and it’s not even about an original or authentic SAK. What a shame! I will get to it bit by bit 😁