Victorinox Tourist – Sécheron

Good day guys! Got a couple of Victorinox swiss army knives (SAKs) that has long been overdue to be featured in this blog. Let’s start off with my recent online purchases via my favorite online selling app – Carousell (beke nemen 😉).

This recent find is a Victorinox Tourist with the Sécheron logo. As a backgrounder, Sécheron is a company based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical and electronic safety components and solutions and traction power systems.

Originally bundled with another item, I managed to coerce the vendor to sell it to me for a modest price. It came with the original box without the manual.

The Victorinox Tourist is a pocket-friendly 84mm (3 1/4″) knife with six handy tools plus a toothpick and tweezers. It is perfect for travelers who want to shave the weight they carry to an absolute minimum.

It is similar to the classic Spartan model but in a smaller size. Red cellidor scales are standard and other colors were offered from time to time. In my case, it is an advertising model and is in white color. Mine also came without a keyring attachment as can be seen in the photos (credits to the previous owner).

Bye for now 👋

This was supposed to be a…

Got you reading this, eh? Well, this is not click bait. I started this blog supposedly to share my travel adventures. I was a travel blog reader in the mid-2000s and early 2010ish – the travel blog infancy days.

I too, dreamt of traveling my home country and sharing it with my fellow travelers. That was the time when people love reading and getting creative with words. Oh, how times changed.

Fast forward to today – more than a decade later. To make it short, I was not able to fulfill it the way I wanted this blog to be. As I grow older, my priorities changed. Got my own family and it went uphill from there. Traveling was not a ‘on a whim’ thing anymore back when you were single before. I now travel with my family in tow. At least once a year, we travel to the provinces of Marinduque and Aklan – my father-in-law’s home provinces.

With the advent of vlogging a couple of years ago, I jumped with the bandwagon. Got ourselves a GoPro Hero4 and used it during our trips to Mompong Island in Marinduque and Boracay Island in Aklan. Somehow, I was not able to put it on the ‘tube. I was possibly busy with work and familial obligations.

Prior to the pandemic, I got interested in bikepacking particularly with its long rides aspect. It was traveling still albeit you’re either doing it alone or with a group. I got myself an entry-level mountain bike in the last quarter of 2019. I got hyped to also vlog about biking/cycling.

At almost the same time (2018), I got into the doomsday prepper/survivalist thing that lead to me practicing the principles of everyday or daily carry (EDC). I started with knives and blades – initially with cheap Chinese crap (CCC) ones sold in Divisoria. After a month of collecting CCCs, I eventually got the urge to collect original/authentic USA knives. Off course I only buy entry-level knives as price is a major consideration. I am not that hardcore and rich for that matter.

As months went by, I slowly got into the Swiss army knives (SAKs). I still buy knives but only if it’s selling cheap. I started buying used SAKs and cleaning and oiling it myself. If a good deal is for the offing, I grab it with a bit of haggling. I probably have more or less 30 SAKs now some of which I gave to my wife and kids. I slowed a bit from collecting due to the pandemic but if there’s a good deal and money’s not a problem, I most possibly grab it.

Hence this blog with a mismatched content. Enjoy reading though 🙂

Victorinox SwissChamp (1st Edition)

As promised in my previous post, here’s another cycling pickup story. Actually, this was prior to the events on my previous blogpost. It happened 2nd week of February 2021.

This time I went cycling to meet up with the seller somewhere in Rizal. This was for an earlier version of the Vic SwissChamp. The price was apt but knowing me, I haggled a bit 😁.

Took me 2 hours to get there. Waited for a bit and went straight home after meetup. Never checked the item though but the seller was honest to indicate the missing ballpen.

What I first noticed was the fluted or grooved corkscrew. I have had SAKs with the same corkscrew so I know the item is old and highly collectible. I have also noticed upon researching that the body of the mini screwdriver is round or cylindrical whereas newer versions are hexagonal.

Just so you know, I figured it was a first edition due to the following: gray plastic on magnifier and the rostfrei mark in main blade. Please see the photos below for the evolution of the SwissChamp.

Thanks for reading.

Wenger AP Blaze 13 | Victorinox Huntsman

Good day guys! Greetings from this part of the world and welcome to another blog of my fairly recent Swiss Army Knife (SAK) acquisitions.

What we have today are two different SAKs which I never expected them to be. You see, they were advertised as different models until the day it arrived in my doorsteps/picked it up. Here’s the story:

The Wenger AP Blaze 13 was, I thought initially, an AP Blaze 10. It came with the Sierra Paracord Set and laser pointer. I bought the set from a seller in Cebu. When it arrived, I found out that it has a saw which was probably overlooked by the seller. Or was it?

The Vic knife was, as many would probably think, a Vic Climber based on the above photos. It was actually, as I have found out later, a Huntsman. Again, the seller must have overlooked the saw hiding in between the liners. I was actually surprised and happy with these finds. BTW, I had to cycle my way to the seller’s preferred meetup place in Mandaluyong. Please see my next post as I also did some cycling for another SAK pickup prior to this meetup.

BTW, here’s some info about the AP Blaze 13:

Realtree’s AP Blaze pattern is not only easier to see than standard colors but the applied natural elements like leaves, pine needles and tree limbs create a realistic 3D effect that’s as attractive as it is useful. The perfect combination of color and camouflage. It effectively reveals hunters to other humans, while concealing them from the color-blind eyes of deer.

  • Ergonomic handles
  • 2.5″ blade
  • 2.75″ double-cut wood saw
  • Patented locking screwdriver
  • Cap lifter
  • Wire stripper
  • Can opener
  • Nail file
  • Nail cleaner
  • Corkscrew
  • Reamer
  • Awl
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers
  • Key ring

Thanks and have a good day! Ciao!

October 2020 Acquisition (Part 2)

Hi again! A few days after making a deal for my previous post, I was again striking an agreement with a fellow member from my EDC group (that’s everyday carry for you folks. I am a practitioner btw).

This time it is an original Wenger Evo 10. The logo is injection molded and not paint. I am a cheapskate so i haggled for a bit and he agreed. The item includes the solid brass head and full grain veg tan lanyard. The brass is, per seller’s info, already costs 70% of the price so what’s not to like about that sweet deal. Photos are screenshots taken from the seller’s post (permission not requested from the seller though, lol. My bad!)

Thanks and see you on my next blog.

October 2020 Acquisitions

Wow! Hi there! Still reading and checking my blog eh?!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy with work starting June this year. Anyway, I was finally able to acquire a few swiss army knives (SAKs) from a seller based in Cebu. He’s trimming down his SAK collections and I am more than willing to adopt a few for a modest price. So without further ado, here are the latest member of my growing SAK family (photos posted were grabbed from their previous owner with permission).

The lot is basically a set of four SAKs. Two models each from Vicltorinox and Wenger. The Victorinox set consists of a Classic SD Iron Factory (64mm) and an Executive (74mm).

The Wenger set includes an Esquire and an Evo17. Both are discontinued and hard to come by. This set is basically the reason why I made a deal for the 2 lots. Shoutout to the gentleman from down south – Cebu.

That’s it for now. Enjoy life but stay safe!

Victorinox Angler (World Globe logo)

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

I got myself a little treat yesterday – a Victorinox Angler sporting the world globe logo instead of the Swiss cross. This is the original configuration of the Angler. And yes, the tip is broken.

From what a fellow collector deduced, it is a 1991-1992 Angler (original configuration). It has scissors with screw and has a groove in the handle.

Victorinox Angler (World Globe logo)

Is this rare or extra special? The globe logo is special. It was specially made for Muslim countries where a cross symbol is prohibited.


Victorinox Angler is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife with four tool layers, featuring a fish scaler and a corkscrew on the backspring. It comes in standard red Cellidor scales that are adorned with a metal inlay of a fish.
The current version contains the pliers, however the original version had scissors.

Victorinox Angler (World Globe logo)

The five-layer Deluxe Angler, also known as the Waterman, adds the scissors and hook to the Angler and was an older model, also sporting the fish inlay. The Angler Plus adds a wood saw to the Angler and was a less common model. A much older five-layer variant also exists, adding the metal-file/saw to the original scissors-based toolset.
These models/variants are no longer available.


The original Fisherman  model was available with a corkscrew or a back-side Phillips. The corkscrew variation later became known as the Angler  (featuring scissors), in the early 1970s.

This original Angler configuration was still in place in the early 1990s, several years after the introduction of the pliers with the SwissChamp in 1986. In the 1992-1994 time frame, Victorinox also made a version of the Angler called the Angler with Pliers. This knife included the pliers, as well as the scissors, implying that when this tool was made, the ‘scissors‘ Angler configuration was still in production and the pliers were the add-on tool. This dual configuration is now usually known as the Deluxe Angler or Angler with Scissors.

The modern Angler configuration/naming with pliers as standard was introduced later, and this four-layer model is the only one currently (2020) available.

Victorinox Climber RT (Road Tour Series)

Climber RT

My newly acquired companion for life on the road. I bought this from an online seller at a modest price.

The scales feel a bit sticky so I cleaned it in warm water and dishwashing liquid. I also oiled it a bit after. To maintain the integrity of the scales, I dampen it with a little oil. Now it feels a bit smooth but still rubbery to the touch.


In 2010, Victorinox organized a road tour and released the corresponding Road Tour (RT) series, also known as ‘On the Road’.

Climber RT

The series consists of two Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) and one multitool. All of these have the special ‘Your Companion for Life on the Road‘ logo etched on the main blade and were sold in special Road Tour box packaging.


Climber RT

Climber RT – A climber with black soft touch scales (the first and the only Victorinox Swiss Army knife model with soft touch scales!) and a mini-screwdriver (Eyeglass/Jewelers screwdriver).

Master RT – A variation based on a Soldier 2008 model with metal saw/file instead of wood saw and grey/black dual density scales.

Spirit RT – A Spirit X with black anodized handles, black leather case.

My first indirect exposure to Swiss Army Knives…

The Story

Picked this up in a conference somewhere in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Someone probably dropped it. Looks like it came from a local cigarette advertisement (i.e. Lucky Strike).

Anyway, i love its wooden scales. The tools have a bit of play but it works. Been using it since I found it in 2014-2015. Basically use it in opening boxes and packages.

P.S. My first post and it’s not even about an original or authentic SAK. What a shame! I will get to it bit by bit 😁